8 Must Have Website Design and Developer Resources

Every experienced professional web developer has a list of must-have website resources that they use on a regular basis. No matter how many successful projects you have completed so far, there is always room to improve your work.

Whether it concerns finding better and faster solutions, there are probably several websites that you visit from time to time in order to stay up-to-date with website design trends. 

We put together a list of 8 must have website resources and tools for web designer and web developer professionals that can be used on a daily basis. Use them to check for new fonts and icon styles, create the perfect CSS gradients, visualize your code or simply for website design inspiration.

  1. http://fontawesome.io/ – Fonts and icons complement the website design and can change its whole look and feel. If you want to make your website look better and load faster we recommend you start using Font Awesome. Font Awesome has 634 icons to choose from and all are optimized for speed and no hassle development.
  2. http://www.sassmeister.com/ –  SASS is scripting language that helps preprocess CSS and can be of great assistance when creating a website. Preprocessing CSS can be very handy when writing custom CSS because it allows you to assign variables to mixing (blocks of CSS code) and ultimately allows you to write less code that is power dynamic and powerful. Occasionally, you might need to troubleshoot and test SASS code. To make this process easier, you can use SASS Meister and test all your code in the browser.
  3. https://codepen.io/ – Codepen, as the site itself states is “a playground for front end web”. It is used for coding in web or visualizing interactions which can be very useful, but also very important when debugging or sharing ideas. You can use this website to show off the amazing things you build, learn new things and try out new technologies for the first time, and much more. At OpenThink’s Sacramento website design studio, we often use Codepen. 
  4. https://snazzymaps.com – Implementing a Google map on a website is something we have all seen. It’s old and boring, and often, does not fit with the rest of the website. That is why having a depository of styles like Snazzy Maps that will give a make-over to the traditional Google map comes in handy. Once you create the map, there are several options: you can save it, copy the code, publish your map, or even add Snazzy Maps plug in to your WordPress site. 
  5. http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/ – CSS gradients can be tricky, we have all been there. ColorZilla’s online tool lets you specify gradients using pure CSS3, without having to create any images and use them as repeating backgrounds for gradient effects. With this tool you create the gradient by manually choosing the colors, like in Photoshop. Then, you can copy and paste it to your website design or codebase.
  6. http://www.patternify.com/ – Another great very useful and time-saving tool is Patternify – CSS pattern generator. You can manually draw the patterns in the website design tool and once your satisfied, copy the CSS directly into your stylesheet.
  7. https://thenounproject.com/ – There’s no such things as having enough icons and icon designs. The Noun project confirms that. This online depository of icons has everything and anything you might think of. If you are interested in website design, you can even contribute to the icon library. There are 2 types of accounts, free and paid which give you different types of access to custom icons.
  8. https://onepagelove.com/ – The one-page design is one of the most attractive web design galleries because of its practicality and functionality. It aims to provide the perfect amount of inspiration for your next single page website design. If you think one-page website design is limiting, and you are out of ideas, think again. One Page Love is a website design resource worth looking into.

Website design is all always changing and there are nearly endless methods and resources for creating and coding websites. That is why we compiled a list of 8 effective website design resources that will save you time and hopefully gives you inspiration as well. Feel free to add them to your list of essential tools and resources. We are sure you already have a great list of your own. Which sites are your favorite go-to online destinations for website design inspiration or coding assistance? Share them on our twitter account at https://twitter.com/openthinktech.

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