Importance of Responsive Web Design

In Today’s fast paced environment advanced technology and mobile communications has made it evident that surviving and staying competitive requires having a presence in the mobile digital world, while creating the ultimate user experience. 

Taking into account the trends in technology  means that your website, which is the ultimate piece of digital real-estate you own, needs to be fully-functional and able to display correctly on all devices as well.  You can achieve this by having two or three separate sites for each screen size, but it can be complicated and costly to maintain all sites. 

So what if we tell you that we can eliminate your headache and create one website to rule them all, one website to display properly on all devices, with one URL and one content source?  That type of web design is called responsive web design (RWD).  It means that you can have the same amazing user experience including the  look, feel, and functionality  of a single website on multiple devices such as a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. 

There are number of reasons why responsive is better than static web design, and we will let you in on five of them!

  1. SEO ranking friendly – increases reach
    Google loves responsive design and mobile friendly sites so much that mobile websites get higher ranking in the SERP because they are considered more relevant and better UX to users.  Improved SEO ranking means increased reach to potential customers.  The higher you are ranked in SERP, the more credible the user considers you! 
  2. Super flexible – excellent user experience
    Responsive websites are flexible and fluent.  They easily adapt to the screen size while keeping the website’s theme and functionalities.  This provides excellent user experience.  Meaning, if you found an amazing website on your commute back from work and want to check it out on your laptop at home, it would look and feel the same as it did on your smart phone.  
  3. Cost effective
    In the past, in order to have your site display properly on different devices you needed to create and maintain several websites specialized for different screen sizes and devices, which also meant paying several times for the (same) thing – web development, domain name, hosting services, maintenance, etc.  So why pay twice or three times and stretch your budget, when you can have it all with one responsive website? 
  4. Easy to manage
    Maintenance of a website is no easy task, and maintenance of several, is a lot harder and costly. With one responsive website, you need to curate the content and play with the design in only one location, where you can also plan your content marketing, SEO strategies, and campaigns.  It’s a one stop for your desktop and mobile site, which guarantees the same UX through all devices.  Which again, saves a lot of time and money. 
  5. Better analytics
    One website means all analytics, tracking, and reporting can be consolidated in one place. Therefore, all of your relevant analytics data will be available in one place and you will be able to identify what works and what doesn’t.  More importantly, all adaptations and corrections can be easily applied to the website itself or to your future marketing and SEO campaigns.  You can read more on best practices for measuring the performance of a responsive website here.

We find these five reasons a strong confirmation of the growing importance of responsive web design. Our true belief is that every business owes it to itself to stay on track and ahead of the competition, and create a responsive design website.  We value quality websites and strong digital presence, which drives us to creating the best responsive design website for your needs (and budget). Please do not hesitate to let our expert team help you.  Request for responsive website audit today!

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