Sacramento’s Thriving Design Community Gathers for a Day of Inspiration at CMND SHFT

The design community in Sacramento is flourishing with creative professionals of all ages. On Saturday, August 14th, Sacramento’s creative community gathered at The Guild Theater in Oak Park for a dose of creative inspiration and great company at CMND SHFT.

CMND SHFT is an event geared towards inspiring local artists and designers that embrace the beauty of our city. This year we listened to local designer and photographer Raoul Ortega, artist and photographer of TUBE Magazine Melissa Uroff, Founding Art Director at Sactown Magazine Jason Malmberg, local bartender, entrepreneur, and artist Ryan Seng, the owner of Hot Italian Andrea Lepore, and Co-Founder of Honey Agency Meghan Philips. We heard them talk about how their careers grew and the ways that their local creative experiences influenced their careers in Sacramento, as well as how Sacramento inspired them throughout the process of design. During lunch, we mingled with local creatives and browsed vendor booths in search for goodies and trinkets to take home with us. I was caught up talking with Omonivie Okhade, designer, craftswoman, and founder of Tula in Bloom, about her logo. It was designed by a local designer who graduated from Sac State. I was so thrilled to hear about the collaboration and meaning behind her brand that I actually ended up being a few minutes late to the first big speaker of the day, Tad Carpenter

Tad is an illustrator, designer, author, and educator from Kansas City, Missouri. He has written and illustrated numerous children’s books, designed at least one poster for practically every band there is, and has worked professionally with big name companies such as Target, Adobe, Macy’s, and many more. Tad discussed how he developed his career,  where he is now, and the importance of passion projects.

We also listened to Mark Brickey, designer and host of AID (Adventures in Design), a podcast for creative professionals. Mark performed a live podcast on stage where he interviewed Tad Carpenter, Nathan Goldman from DKNG Designs, and our very own local artist, educator, and wizard, John P. Forest, whom will teach me his design wizardry this coming fall semester at Sac State. The podcast was hilariously uncensored yet filled with inspiration, professional knowledge, and a beautiful sense of passion for design.

CMND SHFT was extremely inspiring, I left wanting to create within my community and explore other mediums.  Most of all, it left me once again in love with Sacramento and the creative community within it.  After I filled up on creative nuggets of advice, I opted to attend the after party at Empress Tavern on S street where I enjoyed a refreshing drink and even better conversation with some of Sacramento’s leading talents.  I talked with Mark Brickey about school and thanked him for delivering my morning dose of inspiration – Monday-Friday on AID. I also caught up with classmates and enjoyed great conversation.  Like many other designers, I spend my days between two ear buds, a sketchpad, and a screen. CMND SHFT was not only a breath of fresh air, but it was a day full of inspiration and positive vibes. 

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